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Officially Blogging

Hey Everyone!

I've officially started blogging again, because why not? For the past year, I've been wanting to blog but for some reason I haven't gotten around to it. Does anyone else do this to? 

Well...not anymore! If I put my mind to something I'm finally going to stick to it. My early new years resolution. 

Here's the way the content of my blog will go... I want ya'll to get to know me a bit more,

but of course my brides to! I'll be posting wedding albums from weddings, linking all the amazing vendors (hopefully once a week) of course depending on how fast I can get my hands on the wedding album. If I don't get the chance to post professional pictures I'll post some behind the scene pictures. 

My boyfriend and I travel a lot, so i'll post our travel spots with our favorites. 

I shop A LOT, makeup, clothes, shoes...the list goes on and on. I'll post great deals and findings whenever I find it! 

I sure do love to eat. so why not link our favorite restaurants in Northern Virginia/DC/Maryland! 

And last but not least... my friends and I are starting a podcast, so whenever a new episode goes live.. i'll link it here! 

I'm excited for the blogging journey and I hope ya'll are too! 

Happy Sunday and I hope all had an AWESOME Thanksgiving! 

Hugs and Kisses, Tamar C

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