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Tamar C. 


For as long as I could remember I loved all things hair and makeup. From sneaking into my moms and sisters makeup collection as a young girl to enrolling into Cosmetology School while in High School, its always been my passion. 

In 2008 I graduated from Cosmetology School at the age of 17. I didn't realize what a huge accomplishment that was until I got older. In 2009, while in undergrad at George Mason University I decided to apply to MAC Cosmetics as a part-time makeup artist. Little 18 year old Tamar got the job and little did I know that was the start of my career. 

In 2015, I took a leap of faith and started Tamar C Makeup. Eventually, through word of mouth, constant vendor outreach and advertisements, my reputation in the industry grew. I really cant thank my Clients & Vendor friends enough. 

I want to be the best part of your wedding day. I want it to be fun and stress-free. Most of my clients have now turned into my friends (hey!!) and I love it. We laugh, tell jokes and I genuinely want to get to know you. I want my clients to feel comfortable around me and know that if something doesn't go your way the day of, I've got your back. 

I'd consider my style to be effortless and angelic. I want to bring out the beauty in you. I want my clients to look at their wedding pictures in 20 years and not regret the choice of hair and makeup. Timeless beauty is my go-to. 

Hope we get to work together and I cannot wait to meet you!


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